Sunday, March 15, 2015


It’s a beautiful day in Taos, the first true spring day this year. Looking around we see prairie dogs standing up near their holes to examine a world that they haven’t seen since before the last big snowstorm. We went out ourselves finally venturing beyond Walmart, the grocery store and post office. 

Right now, we are Munching on real Pueblo prune pies. A good friend we hadn’t seen for months kindly bought them for us at the annual show of Taos Pueblo artists at Millicent Rogers Museum. This show was our first real outing for several months. Over coffee just this morning, we had shared how contented we were to stay home this entire winter. Perhaps, the outing was even more pleasurable in contrast to our uncharacteristic prairie dog like winter.

Dad and Mom at a wedding ceremony
We thought of them today.
I’m always amazed at how much talent lives within the photogenic mud walls of Taos Pueblo. There were artists we’ve known for years and then there were some wonderful things that were entirely new. Patricia Michaels was there with her beautiful clothing designs. She is now a celebrity after several TV seasons on Project Runway. It was a diverse group with glass art, drums, jewelry and even natural lotions, soaps and shampoos in addition to paintings and photography. 

PQ showed admirable restraint although I was worried when he started looking at bolos and bracelets. He is almost a jewelry junky. He did buy a beautiful photo of the Moon over the Northside Pueblo by neighbor Debbie Lujan, and a small micaceous pot. Not too bad. After being so careful  with cash all winter we needed to invest a little green in spring. Also we were gifted along the way. This generous spirit is one of the good things about the pueblo. Artists like to help each other.

Time is not really as set as we humans imagine since we started measuring it. As I savor the prune pie, layers of time and space collapse into a timeless world of soft tan dust, wood smoke and clear sharp air that is completely unique and beyond time. That slice of pie contained the entire pueblo, past, present and future and even the sacred mountain. PQ commented on it too.  For a few moments, we just relished being home. It may seem strange that I a non-pueblo person would say that but home is a feeling and a state of heart.

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  1. Lovely words, as usual, Marti. Spring is ever-fleeting, it seems. We have had 1 day at almost 89 degrees and now it is back to the 30''s once again.