Friday, July 17, 2015


It’s been a long time since I have had time to write. Probably only two weeks but time is an experience not just a measured process. Suddenly, we have arrived at Powwow weekend.  The summer is surging forward at breakneck speed. Soon we will be looking backwards toward today.
I’ve always been fascinated by time. It is a mystery that won’t allow possession, much like a rainbow; time is always just ahead or just behind.  My dreams lately have been too strange to remember. Actually, it’s not that dreams are strange in content so much as strange because they don’t always wait for sleep but come in flashes during the day.  Are the dimensions actually becoming close enough to cross over here and there? According to a number of seers, the turning point was 2012.

Powwow Kid
An experience of realities crossing over:  I recently had the thought that I must contact a young man that I know well with some news (I don’t remember what it was) of  importance to him, and then I remembered that he had passed away and it was too late to deliver any news, and then that scene or dimension suddenly changed and I realized that I have never known this person, at least he wasn’t in my identifiable memory. His face was very distinct and he did not resemble anyone I’ve known as my familiar self.  This was just one of a number of strange time glitches experienced recently. I’m mentioning this with the awareness that some of you might think I’m a bit schizo but that is a common tag for experiences that don’t fit conventional reality.  If I hailed from the fundamentalist perspective of my upbringing, I might blame God or the devil. It all depends on the version you prefer and they are all perceptual conventions. I personally suspect that conventions themselves are under attack by a much larger reality.  Our accustomed shell is too small and it is beginning to crack. Perhaps we already live in a much bigger egg but the membrane has yet to break and reveal it.

PQ has been experiencing a lot of muscle pain since we came home to Taos. After much coughing, his neck and shoulder muscles became inflamed. The new doctor at the Taos/Picuris clinic gave him a number of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory, and pain killing drugs and we discovered a new lozenge that seems to be more effective on cough. But, the times are inflamed as well and our bodies do reflect our environment.   His youngest son is going through a challenging family crisis. We can love and support but nothing from our love and good will can make his struggle go away.  It is his, and a part of his own life process and yet it affects all of us.  That is one of the mysteries of life and relationship. 

The new doctor reiterated what we have heard many times, “you need to be at a lower altitude” but this isn’t yet possible with the current circumstances and in the meantime, it seems that we are
supposed to be here in Taos. PQ seemed especially hungry for the medicine of the powwow. This year we went for two days and one evening. The weather was wonderful and touching our feet to that rich primal soil near the mountain refreshes the soul.  All the while the drums were pulsing, children tossing neon toys in the air and people milling to and fro  meeting up with old friends encountered while making the rounds, somehow the big mountain, the sky and even the grass meadow on which we were walking maintained that miraculous repose and power. It graciously allowed us our ride on a piece of eternity.