Friday, March 22, 2013


Nature is gathering the energy to emerge through the thick skin of Mother Earth.  There are brave little green shoots popping up here and there.  I had one balmy sunny day for cleaning the yard last week, but ever since it’s been too windy to finish the job. I haven’t yet watered any of the plants in hope that they will put their roots down deeper because another dry summer is predicted by the weather people and they are going to have to be tough and resourceful. Perhaps next week I can give them a singular drink and finish the cleanup. We had coffee outside this morning, the first time in a week. The starlings who live in our bathroom vent are singing their spring song after a quiet but comfortable winter in a warm apartment. The feral black kitty with the tip cropped off one ear is getting more trusting. She is starting to play with the yellow tabby and even challenge the local fat cat who eyes her food.  The white kitten shows up now and then but it’s just a social visit since he is now well fed and obviously pampered by his adopted mom. Our own dimmed life force is slowly emerging from its winter glum at about the same pace as the plants.  PQ has been painting every day and I’m actually getting used to having the dining room as his studio.

Restaurant owner, Vlad Costa and Miles
Watching PQ paint is stirring the desire to paint again from the bottom of my mental cellar. It’s going to take a while to bring all the painting fragments in my head together again, but I’m encouraged by my tolerance for not having a table to eat on for the past month. However, I found a cheap Art Cart online with wheels and three shelves. It should arrive next week. This is a sign of my acceptance that the dining room is now going to double as studio space. At least we will have our table back. PQ says that our town house has wonderful creative power because it is our combined energy.  I must say that I’ve never seen him work with such enthusiasm and focused discipline. PQ’s new work really does have a special depth and light. His upcoming show at 15. Quince in Jerome, Arizona is an event we are keenly looking forward to.  This venue is a wonderful gourmet quality New Mexican Style restaurant owned by Chef Vladimir Costa.  

I misplaced the note with the date on it after we came back from Cottonwood in February, but I thought it was May 5th. I figured I would call Vlad for the exact date later this month.  Then our friends Miles and Gail went to Arizona on business and ended up in Jerome looking for Pizza. It just happens that Vlad Costa recently opened a pizza cafĂ© in addition to his Mexican restaurant and they discovered it.  After talking to him, they discovered that he was the restaurant owner who had invited their friend Standing Deer to have an art show at 15. Quince. Miles called PQ to tell him the actual date was May 5. The old psychic channels are still working in the age of electronics.

Here is the Flyer:


 Blue Spruce Standing Deer (Pba-Quen-Nee-e) is a Tiwa Indian artist and Musician, born and raised at Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico. He is the son of a traditional Medicine Man.  Through his paintings and music, he seeks to express the living essence of his Tiwa people. Although this tradition is ancient, Standing Deer brings it headlong into the modern world with his unique personal style.
He frequently receives the images for his paintings from the Spirit World as he sings and drums. These spirit messages arrive on the songs and transmute into symbolic metaphors rendered in a vibrant rainbow of colors that Standing Deer converts into stunning images with acrylic paint on canvas.
Standing Deer has traveled extensively in Europe and the United States, and has been the only Native American invited to lead spiritual ceremony and drumming within the ancient Neolithic stone circle of Stonehenge, in England. In recent years, he has performed at the Creative Life Center in Sedona Arizona.  He also performs Land and House Blessings and Wedding Ceremonies. Presently he divides his time between Taos, New Mexico and Cottonwood Arizona.
Standing Deer's deep immersion in his traditional culture, where music, art and spirituality are never separate from everyday life, but the normal expression of joy, reverence and gratitude to the Creative Source of all that is, lends a profound love of life to his art, workshops, and ceremonies.

If any of you can make it we should have a good time.  I won’t share any of the new paintings until after the show, but I think they are the best he has done in a long time, maybe ever.