Thursday, April 30, 2015


It’s really time to go to Arizona and remove ourselves from the Taos soap opera. I’m realizing that I’m ready to become a recluse with just my husband, garden, animals and meditation. It’s not that I want to stay away from people so much as I need a certain amount of uninterrupted time to listen to nature and commune with my sources of spiritual guidance.  The older I get, the more I understand why one would want to be monastic but then, I don’t do well with institutions of any kind.

It’s also time to get out in nature while it is emerging from winter hibernation. Nature is an excellent rebalancer. PQ can’t really walk more than a few slow blocks at this altitude and we need the rejuvenating Medicine of Mother Earth. When one is on a very powerful stream of spiritual contact, it is very likely that some form of interference will emerge. The loyal opposition is always alert to opportunity. It isn’t that the tools of that interference are to blame. They are very likely deserving of our attention although the opposite is sometimes true. Either way, a completely neutral log may appear on the trail with perfect timing to create a stumble, and it isn’t the log’s fault, if you know what I mean.

Not everyone on the New Age vibe or a more traditional spiritual path believes in, dare we call it evil, but I have noticed that wherever  there is progress in consciousness, personal or social, something will emerge to counter or sabotage it.  Those who don’t believe in the loyal opposition are sitting ducks. Have you noticed that spiritual communities and organizations that wish to delve deeply into compassionate service usually become corrupt very quickly and fall apart due to internal conflicts and ego outbreaks? This is a good reason for regular and scrupulous self-examination and an open mind toward new insights.

Of course, there is a danger in becoming too vigilant for signs of evil influence. Paranoia is the word for this.  Nevertheless, it has long troubled me that incompetent exploitative organizations and self-serving, greedy companies seem to maintain cohesiveness much better than communities and organizations based on spiritual ideals and compassionate service.  However, if these spiritual ideals happen to be really whacko such as the Nazi party, for instance they keep their internal structure until they fall down in one great crash. I suppose they feed each other’s egos on seductive junk food while creating enough fear among the members to keep them loyal to the chosen lie. Long-term self-serving organizations such as the Illuminati, sometimes called the Cabal tend to give back just enough to avoid exposure while focusing public attention on seemingly external dangers.     
On the way to Arroyo Seco

Some time ago, it occurred to me that the desire to attune to a greater power is so hard wired into human nature that it will emerge one way or another and without an extended opening in the ego big enough to refuel from the main source now and then, little ego gets the notion that it has the one conduit to God.  This is really simple narcissism but it sure can create mass destruction and set the world back centuries. Perhaps misdirected spirituality is the opposition’s most powerful tool.  Right now, it is obvious in groups such as ISIS.  There is really no chance of getting away from this distortion because even atheism behaves so much like religion. Look at how thoroughly Scientific Materialism has taken over the human urge for some absolute source of knowledge.   The rational mind is groomed and developed but the emotional body and the Heart Chakra  exist in an unprotected immature condition. The shadow side of the emotional body then calls attention to itself in crazy destructive blowouts.

I hope that education will soon begin to understand that there is more than one kind of intelligence and the survival of our species and possibly the planet depends on nurturing the whole package.
Today it is summer! Not officially, but the weather is wonderful, the birds are singing, a gentle breeze wafts through the house because PQ took the weather stripping off  the garage door and opened it. He is painting with his favorite powwow music on the Boze CD player, the cats are wandering in and out like the breeze and I have banana bread and a roast in the oven.  We went to Abe’s in Arroyo Seco for a breakfast burrito and empanada. In other words for this moment life is perfect. Oh yes, I got a nice shot of snow and clouds over the mountains on the way to Seco.