Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Grandmother Edna Gordon went on to be among the stars. She was Haudenoshaunee,(Iroquois Nation) Hawk Clan for 93 years. Her message was very simple and thus authentic, because complexity is man made and engenders confusion. I am moved by how her message is such a universal truth and yet our modern world still lives in a hypnotic zombi spell, among the walking dead. I continue struggling to wake up from this spell myself, as we all must if we are to survive.  I'm not talking about merely physically surviving to a ripe age and then dying, but of surviving in spirit and soul, even the material form of earth was born and will die.  We have been brainwashed into believing that we are only a physical machine, but where did that spark come from that makes it obvious when we are alive and also obvious when that spark has left its physical form.

We are antagonists against our own nature merely by living within the Political Industrial system.  It can't be otherwise. We are taken away from our Mother Nature and taught that it is progress, and that we will be better off as orphans prostituted to a sugar daddy who will pamper us with many shiny things and  give us more than enough to compensate our loss.  But this sugar daddy's basket is almost empty of bling. Watching TV just before Christmas is very revealing.  There is a commercial frenzy to ignite a buying frenzy among we viewers. Meanwhile Mother Nature is showing her distress more and more dramatically.  She is breaking down and misses her errant children.

This false pseudo lifestyle came partially from a misunderstanding of the Christ and of a true Science. The Christ shows us the way to die to falsity and be born to reality beyond our perceived world. The winter solstice holds the seeds of what will be new life. The false way removes us from the naturally ordered life of our Mother Nature. The One World Order is not based on the laws of life.  It won't work in the True Order, and breaks down, as is happening right now. The small mind behind our false system comes up with cures to the problems it creates with more  solutions that are always complicated and "less than" the natural system.

Have you noticed how the flavor is gone from the food produced in corporate farms? Nature can't be fooled. We are the fools deceiving ourselves. And so it is with all natural systems that the human systems attempt to enslave or replace. Eventually nature turns against us the way the body turns against a diseased cell.

Nelson Mandela was world famous. Edna Gordon was famous within a smaller circle but both were spiritual warriors, visionaries and flame holders for their nations. I have noticed that great souls frequently depart this dimension at the end of an old year and before a new year. They delivered the message they came with and it is ours to carry it on in the New Year and new world.