Friday, March 6, 2015


I automatically delete all emails about retirement investments, making the most of a fixed income, savings plans, health insurance ads, and investment opportunities, and so on. All are irrelevant in Taos, unless you have one golden foot in another place. Right now, I would love to get out of here, take a deep breath in that other world and then probably come back here after the respite. I never lived in the “normal” world but I used to live pretty close to it and had close friends who lived in that world. It was comforting to have some proximity to mainstream America. I imagined that someday I too would have health insurance, life insurance, savings account, and get my teeth cleaned once a year.

I never consciously chose to live a third world lifestyle but looking back, I can see that I was always headed in that direction. I’ve been immersed in this life on the edge for 23 years. Well, actually, I practiced for several years before moving to Taos but back in that earlier life, I fantasized that change was just around the corner. Now I’m accepting that I will probably live on moment-to-moment faith for my remaining time on this planet. It’s like lead floating on a cloud but for some reason it works. There is a magic element (I’m not being facetious) at work. It’s amazing what you can do on faith when conventional options aren’t available. 

Some things work precisely because other options aren’t available. What I’m learning is that insurance is an expensive illusion. This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have a Medicare supplement if I could afford it. It just means that the needs of the future are unpredictable and will remain so. When you aren’t living under the illusion that you have some control over the future, other resources come into play.

This is what a graduate degree in Taos living is all about. This unique place, a genuine third world country, nested in the so-called United States of America, specializes in getting 21st century people back in touch with a more universal even cosmic reality. It sounds like a contradiction, but to have a spiritual relationship with the cosmos, having your feet in the sometimes muddy, un-groomed, still under construction earth is essential.It doesn’t work to fight the poverty, surly residents, dysfunctional Walmart, do-it-yourself traffic rules, and sometimes-caveman living arrangements. It’s like quicksand, the harder you struggle and fight, the faster you sink. Lay flat and belly walk and you will get where you are going a lot faster.  I’m not saying this will get you entirely out of danger. After all, it is danger that causes the blood to flow, adrenaline to push for the big challenge and the mind to jump out of the box. 

The Messenger
Winter is showing signs of weakening. I’ve been very patient with the way things are this winter and so has PQ. It was unexpectedly easy to live like the Prairie Dogs, coming out only when the sun did and then quickly retreating underground after a quick trip to the grocery store and post office. 

I look at pictures and videos of places I would one day like to visit, or visit again the way someone lost in the desert imagines a cool flowing rivulet. That’s OK; it’s nice to have something to draw one forward. Right now, it’s Sedona/Cottonwood. We have unfinished time there.  I’m ready to go but not in a hurry.  Even if having two places of the soul is a pipe dream, that dream is even now preparing the materials of a home for the next body of experience.

We can futilely watch the world news but aren’t in the know about who is behind the flare-ups in the Middle East, nor can we defeat the Illuminati, or corporate and government corruption. But, everything out there is also in here and that is where the future is conceived and nurtured in this holographic universe.

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