Saturday, October 24, 2015


Our neighbors probably think we have a new car.
We hoped for another visit to our Arizona retreat before the weather changed, but it wasn’t to be.  Yet, if we have learned something, it is not to invest much in expectations.  Two weeks ago, we were T-boned by a big Ford SUV. Now we are driving a cute Jeep Renegade rental until the Subaru gets out of the hospital.  I like the way it looks but it is shorter than our Forester, with a rougher ride and smaller gas tank. The electronic gadgets on it are fun though.

Summer came to an abrupt end this week. I suppose it’s the tail end of the tropical storms but the rain was very welcome. So while the hurricanes are too much weather for those at landfall, we benefited. On the downside, I’m afraid that coffee on the patio is over for 2015. To compensate, the turning trees have been especially colorful this year.  As the warm weather fades, the film project, Awakening in Taos is drawing to completion. We have been involved in this story for five years and its producers for longer. Everyone involved is like family and I hope we can stay in touch even after this movie launches into the larger world as a young bird flies from its nest. The premier showing will be at Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe ( on November  18,  7p.m.  There is a pre-screening party from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. at Blue Rain Gallery.

PQ and Brazilian Guitarist Zooga Malaga
This weekend we were in Santa Fe for a recording session for the movie. The first day was rehearsal with guitar, violin, drum and flute. The second day was serious recording. Nancy Kinney, our music person was in charge and I was impressed by her choice of musicians and the way she created and wove certain musical themes in and out throughout the entire movie score altering them to the mood, location and time period. 

On an entirely different theme, we just learned that PQ’s oxygen delivery company is now restricted to delivery once a month and he must choose either large tanks or small.  They are no longer allowed to deliver both sizes. This is apparently a limitation newly imposed by Medicare. Once again, poor people are cut back so that the wealthy won’t be impacted by economic shortfall.  PQ had to go with the larger  tanks because we often have power outages in Taos, sometimes lasting all night or all day when he can’t use the electric concentrator and small tanks don’t last long. However, it is so much easier to handle a small tank when out and about.  

Although the oxygen tank cutback was a surprise, I’ve been feeling subdued about our country and for that matter, the state of the world.  I don’t really want to let my imagination go beyond the present,  because the thought of the political, money obsessed global economy driven by human nature in its current state of un-development suggests a looming catastrophe greater than the results of global warming.  However, sometimes humans find their better qualities in the most challenging times. Nevertheless, I’m glad I’m not a young person as of now. I know this rings of cowardice, but I’d like to ride out a few centuries (maybe more) before returning. Perhaps next week I’ll feel more courageous.
Beautiful Cottonwoods along the Rio Grande

Mabel Dodge Luhan and husband Tony had a vision for cultural soul retrieval. It didn’t happen in their time and it may still be far in the future but I’m glad that it is coming back for another review  in our time. After all, it was a vision that didn’t belong just to them. It was for the world. Perhaps, four years shy of a Century it is time for the vision to reincarnate.


  1. Marti, sorry to hear about your auto. Glad to hear the movie is coming. Keep Mabel's flag flying. Out of my eleven books, Holy Dirt, Sacred Earth: A Dowser's Journey in New Mexico is my best seller in an almost dead market. Mabel's energy lingers on waiting for a recall.

    1. Robert, thanks for your encouragement. Glad your Dowser's Journey is doing well. The economy here in New Mexico is still struggling.