Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Think about it! Time is measured by the daily spin of our planet, and its circular movement around the big boss, our Sun. It could speed up or slow down and we would never know it: Or, would we have the peculiar suspicion that the days were getting smaller.  I can't tell if this is really happening or if adding years to one's memory causes time seemingly to speed up. After all, when I was three years old it seemed like there was never been a time before there was me. We are experientially eternal. Of course, science knows that our entire Solar system is also circling around an even greater center, and so on, and so on. When I was a child, I used to fall over from dizziness thinking of such things. I guess my brain hadn't caught up with my mind, and my body certainly wasn't up to such big thoughts. It probably never will be. 

That brings up another question. Just what is the mind? Is it even in the same body all the time, and is this body I call mine, the same one I started with? I suppose the DNA is the same, but science is learning that DNA is more flexible than originally believed.  Science is just beginning to catch up with metaphysics in this regard. Has my mind entirely moved out of its previous home? I guess that would be the probable hold of karma (karma isn't always bad, just out of date).

 Okay, that leads to another speculation. Is the mind a mediator between the body and spirit or soul, perhaps a stepped down version of soul and stepped up version of body—kind of meeting in the middle, perhaps. Then there is the heart, which science is just beginning to recognize as another kind of thinking organism. Heart intelligence is surer of itself and less analytic. It detects vibes that the brain is too dumb to pick up, or has learned to filter out by cultural conditioning. It seems that the old adages such as, “the heart knows” are genuine.

Beingness seems to consist of the same repetitive patterns all the way from the atomic level to beyond imaginable universes. A universe is just another atom on an immeasurable level. The unfathomability principle, I’ll call it. Actually, it goes in both directions. Who can imagine the subatomic world?  We humans, have a minuscule range of perception. That is what makes, “seeing is believing” a dangerous assumption. Anything really big or really small is out of range. I’ll speculate that it is that intermediary mind trying to fit experience into the little brain that is regulating our interpretation of each situation. 

The brain is probably too big for safety, as it is. The brain we have may end up destroying our world. I believe the Atlantis story, and it doesn’t matter if Atlantis existed in the literal past or is a cautionary tale about the future. It is probably a reality that follows us through each stage, an archetype of misused technology. the intermediary Mind has a really big job.  The most important thing is balancing between worlds. We humans are sadly misinformed about the importance of brainpower.  By now, it should be obvious that some very evil and foolish people have high IQ’s. Bigger brains would only take us to disaster faster. Higher Mind power is the real voucher to the continuance of our existence. I should clarify that it is actually this Higher Mind that has a connection with Sophia, MadamWisdom. She isn’t that well known during our time, but will continue to hold the light for those who want to know.

There is a word out in the cyber world that the Trans-humanism movement is attempting to make an intelligent, immortal being in the human model that will never die. Here is Regina Meredith interviewing William Henry this topic: 
It is also the subject of the 2015 film, Ex Machina. I for one look forward to knocking conscious life up a notch rather than slogging along on the same level of life forever. I also question how Trans-humanism can fit within the cosmic design. At this time, the model is rather empty of higher potential. The brilliant young people who occupy the cyber world are so modern that they have no memory of humanitie's past disasters. Preserving the body and mind without soul and spirit seems as empty as modern art, but modern art is attempting to show us a mirror of where we are heading.

If the cosmos is one super-gigantic hologram, and I believe it is, then those chakras in our bodies that correspond to different intelligences must be a reflection of cosmic energy and design. This life in this world is a step along the way, perhaps a little thread in an intricate weaving that began with one tiny corner of the cosmic loom. We are all related.

This is the kind of stuff that goes through my mind on those nights that I can’t sleep. PQ suggests that I turn on the TV. I usually go to sleep watching TV but I like the soft darkness without distracting sounds, just the stars I see through the window. Cosmic!