Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This is about an event that some of you might think a bit woo woo. It isn’t the first time I’ve written about the Black Smoke Beings, either, but I’ve been seeing them from a new angle.  I don’t have a firm opinion about the source of the following experiences but they make sense to me in terms of what I learned from them. Even better, I’m continuing to learn from them.

Black smoke isn’t solid but it is opaque and physical.  You can’t see through it but you can easily put your hand through it.  On a sleepless night some years ago when I was experiencing ongoing disturbances that morphed into many forms and could justifiably be termed psychic attack, I had a startling encounter with some entities I came to call the Black Smoke Beings. However, it turned out to be more enlightening than frightening.

 But, other scary things had been happening around the same time as the Black Smoke Beings. For example, one night I had just turned out the lights and pulled up the covers when the blankets tried to strangle me.  I fought them/ it off and stopped the attack but the silence and still that enveloped the room afterward was anything but peaceful. On another occasion, large dragonfly like creatures flew in circles around the living room and I froze unable to move a muscle. Now, I normally like dragonflies but these weren’t normal, they were huge, and dragonflies don’t fly in circles around people’s living rooms after the sun goes down, generally speaking. I had been lying on the sofa watching TV when this happened. My cats were also alarmed whenever one of these events occurred. However, they, especially Joe, seemed to see beings that I couldn’t see and he often alerted me that one of these adventures was about to begin.

Then one night I saw the Black Smoke Beings. They were shocked and flustered at being caught in action but it was too late to disappear when they realized that I’d actually seen them. Then lifetimes of tangled distorted communications, frustration, anger and fear flashed by like a movie.  It isn’t easy to write about the actual event because generations of interference and meddling in human affairs were revealed in a few seconds the way a lightning flash at night illumines everything but is gone in a nano-second. I could see and hear people from other times, and generations, even family members for generations back trying to communicate with each other but their intended communication was scrambled and distorted resulting in frustration, suspicion, anger and misunderstanding. The resulting emotional energy charge was the food these Black Smoke Beings lived on. They were not doing evil just to be evil; they were indifferent to the outcome. Negative emotion was their food.  Not only that but their victims became addicted to negative feelings as well. It gave them a rush of self-righteousness and self-pity.

These beings seemed to acquire ever more definition from the negative emotions they fed on as they become substantial in their own right. They now had a semi-independent existence that depended on being undiscovered. For quite a while after this experience, I would notice people in town with these demi-beings attached.  Some penetrated and encompassed by a dense charcoal grey heaviness, while others were clouded but not totally saturated.

This experience made me wonder if we don’t have more conjuring power than we realize.  Even if you believe that demons are genuine beings, I wonder how much we have to do with empowering if not co-creating destructive entities. Dark and light are metaphoric terms for the forces that stir the powers of creation and provide the contrast of reality. The condition for either creation or destruction is always present, but the important difference is focus.  These are part of the same process but metaphorically, creation is the noun, destruction is the verb. Evil is always dependent on creative forces. The Black Smoke Beings feared for their lives when I saw them, but I’m now wondering if their power isn’t something that can be switched to positive with the right gesture. Nevertheless, they serve a purpose and perhaps we are as reluctant to give them up as they are to go?

PQ and I have been watching documentaries lately having to do with economic and environmental crisis and the role played by secret societies with intent to rule this world and beyond. Perhaps these beings are in cohort with secret societies such as the illuminati and their minions, Reptilians, ET’s, or just the human greed and power factor minding its own interests.

There is global warming, economic collapse and the reality that we will eventually run out of oil and other finite resources. Those guys in charge of the eventual collapse of our resources may be already planning to go to Mars before disaster becomes eminent. As far as I’m concerned they are welcome to do so, and why wait so long.  However, you can be sure that poor folks won’t get an invitation to go along.

Wars, famines, economic crisis and political turmoil keep we humans occupied with external problems so we won’t notice that we are slaves to a system that can’t possibly work indefinitely.  Nevertheless, I’m not one hundred percent worried about this. The parasites will leave one way or another. After all, this planet has survived countless crisis and the dark forces are not immune to their own poison. 

Most of us like to believe that there are bad guys out there ruining things for everyone else. But the good folks are pretty good at undoing themselves.  I’ve noticed that spiritually based idealistic intentional communities have a short lifespan while organizations based on greed and capitalism last much longer. I sadly remember the demise of a school I once attended in Boulder during the 80’s.  It had everything I wanted. The instructors and students were all highly educated independent thinkers as well as gifted and dedicated people.  It taught holistic and natural healing methods, Transpersonal Psychology, group dynamics, and esoteric arts such as the Western Mystery Tradition, Eastern modalities, astrology and Tarot all from a multifaceted perspective of alternative history and philosophy. But it all fell hard onto Terra Firma shattered to pieces due to interpersonal conflicts and economic mishandling.  In the last phase of collapse the infighting was worthy of 13 year old girls. Were the dark forces bringing it down through psychic attack and implanted interference like the Black Smoke Beings?  Maybe, but why don’t idealistic spiritual people recognize that they are the one’s listening to that stuff? Divide and conquer isn’t a new concept.

Few people like to hear it but idealism is the refined sugar of the spirit and too much of it is bad for you.  Balance is better.  The dark forces are good at identifying weaknesses. It goes back to one of my favorite sayings which I think is of Sufi origin: “The Devil is God’s most Humble Servant.”  The dark ones take a lot of blame for the results of our narcissistic and naive state.   Global warming, 2012 predictions of “the buck stops here,” economic stupidity, failure to acknowledge that we are running out of natural resources and all other doomsday predictions are also a push to fix the basic problem, a desire to ignore the obvious. People tend to get smarter when they run out of other options.

Some years ago, I read an interview with C. G. Jung taken shortly after WWII. The interviewer asked Dr. Jung if he thought modern civilization with the A and H-bombs could overcome the human predilection for projecting its shadow side onto the other before bringing about mass extinction. Dr. Jung answered that he regrettably doubted it because individuals are rarely able to see in themselves the evil they project onto others and the mass consciousness of an entire nation was even more primitive than the consciousness of its individual citizens. (This is the drift of the contents, not the exact words.)

However, there is evidence that we humans are not entirely in charge of our fate or the fate of this planet. Unforeseen events and circumstances pop up regularly in history.   Although the official teaching of our time is that nature or Mother Earth is without consciousness and is merely a stage set for the unfolding of the human drama, there seems to be something that prevents Mother Earth’s kids from going beyond a certain level with uncontrolled hubris. The modern mindset assumes that there is no inside connection between our environment and what we do with it. History and possibly prehistory abounds with stories of civilizations that have become completely unbalanced to the point of either self-destruction or destruction by nature or enemy. Maybe this explains the popularity of Si-Fi movies about Alien Invasion, and mysterious uncontrollable diseases, as well as the cautionary stories about the demise of Atlantis and Lemuria.  

Before any final act of destruction, the planet may get rid of us with our own unconscious collaboration. Or else, we may find ourselves thrown back to an earlier level of technology. Somehow, we all got here now even though our ancestors didn’t have petrol, plastic, iPhones or cloud computing.  Maybe the best scenario yet, would be a return to karma school to study a better way to use technology with an entirely different motive. Humans have become smarter through the ages but not wiser.  The Black Smoke Beings and their ilk are not nice but they catch us at our stuff. Predators cause their prey to become smarter should it survive, and maybe our species will even be “knocked up a notch” and discover wisdom.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Flowers are unusually abundant and colorful this spring.  I first noticed this several weeks ago in Cottonwood and Sedona.  Ocotillo cactus, yucca, iris, roses and many whose names I don’t know were in outrageous abundance. Then we went home to Taos for two weeks fearing the wind and sparseness of last year’s spring but instead everything was lush.  There were flowers blooming in places I’d never seen flowers before and all overtook any display of previous years.  

The red rose bushes on the side of the house almost died last winter and I noticed that even the lavender, usually indestructible appeared traumatized but recovered quickly with some culling and water.  When we left yesterday, the abundant buds were about to pop out. The wild rose at the south side of the house also came close to biting the dust from drought last fall but is now blooming profusely even though much of it had to be trimmed back.  In addition, there are several species of wild flowers along the Taos bypass that I’ve never seen before and even the bindweed is beautiful this year, looking more like its domestic cousin the morning glory. 

There has been much publicity about solar flares, occultations, the Venus’ transit of the Sun plus the potential disastrous effects of the Mayan calendar’s expiration that I am wondering about this human fondness for playing Chicken Little .  Yes, there are earth changes and global warming (the winters of childhood were much colder and longer) but we often forget that Mother Earth has a life plan of her own and we are just uninformed kids.  The earth transforms constantly and probably always will.  We are in the midst of an ongoing creation process.  Although disasters come in many forms, there is also a compensatory effusion of life and renewal.

Whether on the scale of the cosmos or a personal garden, destruction, creation, life, death, defeat and compensation appear to be the dynamic duos of the universe.  Maybe it is because we can’t imagine being anyone or any way other than our familiar self-image but of course, we are all part of the continuous unfolding of the earth and universe.  As individuals we aren’t even the creature we were as children but adulthood is a change we usually anticipate.  Having faith that we exist beyond our familiar form is another matter.

When we tell ourselves stories and make prophesies we seldom think of ourselves as active participants in the creation of our planet’s own makeover and future.  Nevertheless, as nature changes and compensates regularly we are an active part of this dynamic not merely helpless passengers on a dangerous ride.

 I don’t believe most of us necessarily create our own reality in the conscious personal sense of this New Age term but I do believe we have a chance to choose intentional participation in the unfolding creation of our place in the universe.  This time has been very unpredictable for my husband and I.  Nothing in our lives is conforming to plans or time scales but we are merely moving wherever the tides of creation are taking us.  We have plans nevertheless.  It is just that we’ve discovered that getting to wherever we’re going is not going to happen in the habitual ways.   It seems that something has altered the familiar outcomes of our plans, probably permanently.  There is no use attempting to predict what will evolve out of unfamiliar or difficult changes in our earth but its just possible that we will bloom profusely if our current form survives a cosmic season change.